Did you know that exposure to the sun causes the loss of water in your skin?


Our skin defends itself from solar aggressions through sweating and pigmentation. Therefore, when we face radiation our body loses water and strengthen hydration before exposing ourselves to the sun is essential.

Food is very important, we must remember to consume fruits, vegetables and drink at least two liters of water daily, and we must also maintain a balanced hydration on the outside by applying a moisturizer that meets the needs of our skin.

When hydration is not adequate and we neglect it, there is a dermal imbalance that results in a lack of elasticity and flexibility. Then, the barrier function is disturbed, the skin becomes fragile and vulnerable to all aggressions, appearing flaking and irritation and promoting premature aging.

We recommend our hydration line:

Moisturizing milk
Nourishing milk
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Tips and Routine for oily skin




Oily skin is characterized by having an oily appearance as well as the formation of shine in the T zone of the face, the presence of pimples and blackheads.

It is a type of skin with a high tendency to have acne, which is caused by excessive accumulation of sebum in certain parts of the face. This is why oily skin requires a specific treatment that controls the appearance of all these symptoms and improves their appearance.

In D. Roca Cosmetics we will give you some tips on how to treat it:


In the treatment of oily skin it is essential to perform a facial cleansing both day and night. To do this, we recommend our Cleansing Milk.

First, you must moisten the face and apply the product with circular and light movements. It affects the area of ​​the nose, chin and forehead that is where more fat accumulates. Then rinse with water.


After facial cleansing, complete the treatment with our astrophore tonic camphor. It is a product specially indicated to reduce excess fat on the face and control the formation of pores and other impurities.


As for the use of other cosmetics such as sunscreen, makeup base, powders, etc. Try not to be oil-based or acnegenic products, they are preferable based on water.

We recommend moisturizing your skin with the moisturizer with micronized pearls.


Proper nutrition is also essential in the treatment of oily skin. It is convenient to take fruits and vegetables, low-fat meats and high-fiber foods. On the contrary, we must avoid red meat, sweets, pastries and alcohol consumption.


Rest well and sleep the recommended hours of sleep is another key factor to look healthier and radiant skin.



Do not touch the pimples and imperfections of the face, it is essential to prevent inflammation and infection of the skin.

Try not to touch your face with dirty hands.

It is important to maintain good hygiene in the hands before applying any product on the face.



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